Wednesday, November 25, 2015

7 Questions Vancouver Residents Should Ask SR&ED Consultants

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When you are choosing a consultant you don’t just want to pick the first one that approaches you, it is important that you take the time to ask relevant questions to determine if it is a right fit for your company or not.

Here are some questions you could ask:

How many SR&ED claims have you processed?

This question seems obvious but it is important that you understand your consultants filing background before accepting them. You want someone who has as much experience as possible and who is willing to work with you in case of a review.

Where does your expertise lie?

Different claims in different industries require different approaches, the consultant you choose needs to understand the industry. Be sure to ask how they approach the more technical side of the claim.

Who will prepare the claim?
Ask them who exactly will be preparing your claim, in larger organizations the senior person you met with initially does not always handle the claim.

What can I expect during the claim process?

This question will help you determine how much time and effort they will put into understanding the technical aspect of your claim. Well prepared SR&ED claims should start technical and end financial.

How does the payment work?

You have probably come to realize that there are fees attached to this SR&ED claim process. Some consultants will accept payment on a contingency basis while others will request upfront payment. How your fees are structured depends on the potential size of your claim and how confident you are in your claim consultant.

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