Thursday, October 22, 2015

How To: Find the Right SR&ED Consultant in Vancouver!

SR&ED consultants in Canada work in a highly challenging market. Consultants assist Canadian companies that are looking to maximize their resources. This is done by assessing the development tax credit available from federal (SR&ED CRA) and Provincial Governments.
If you choose a consultant at Innotek Consulting LTD they will:
  • Meet with you to identify what projects are claimable
  • Determine whether you are SR&ED eligible or not
  • Prepare a technical report detailing experimental activity
  • Prepare all financial documents necessary (tax schedules, accounting reports etc)
  • Submit documentation for your review (before sending to the CRA)
The best thing about choosing a consulting company such as Innotek is that having the help of professionals ensures that the claims process will be risk free. Innotek has consultants who share very diverse professional backgrounds such as;
  • Engineering
  • Technology
  • Electronics
  • Finance
  • Information Technology and more!

Find out by working closely with a good consultant if you qualify for SR&ED tax credits. The Canadian Revenue Agency defines work that qualifies as:
“Work that advances the understanding of scientific relations or technologies, address scientific or technician uncertainty, and incorporates a systematic investigation by the qualified personnel.”
With more people becoming interested and knowledgeable about the SR&ED program, more Canadian SR&ED consulting firms are forming. Interestingly enough, choosing the right firm has a significant impact on your refund outcome as not all firms are considered equal.
It is extremely important to choose the correct firm for your particular needs, and desires when looking for SR&ED consultant assistance. After all, you are putting your business and livelihood at the forefront and do not want to trust just any fly-by-night consultant.
If you are interested in finding out what Innotek Consultants can do for you, give us a call today at 604 259 9937 or visit us online to see how our professional SR&ED professionals can help you!